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22 september 2018      Nationwide exercise called "Enigma"



On Saturday, September 22, 2018, a national exercise will take place for the first time, called "Enigma".
Dares wants to investigate whether it is possible to set up a nationwide emergency network without power supply and internet. From the provinces of Drenthe, Friesland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Brabant, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland and Utrecht stations have been set up to coordinate the message traffic between the DLCC in Oegstgeest and Westerbork.

Scenario: In a number of eastern regions, the energy supply of our national power distribution Tennet has been eliminated due to a cyber attack. This creates an urgent need for fuel, medicine, food, water, emergency generators etc. in these regions. The  Dares National Crisis Center (DLCC) in Oegstgeest coordinates the applications. A number of neighboring regions handle the message traffic from / to the DLCC.

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