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Bron: R1emcorr (Greg Mossup)
Cesar Pio Santor HR2P reports that as Tropical Storm Harvey passed
through the Windward Islands in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Emergency
and Weather Net (CEWN) was activated as flooding was reported in
Barbados along with some houses have losing their roofs.
Jeff, 9Y4J, hopes to provide information in more detail, once more
information is collected on the situation in the area, and also on the
activities that amateurs are doing by the passage of T.S. Harvey on the
islands of the Caribbean.
The CEWN Network uses the frequencies 7,162 kHz and 3,815 kHz according
to propagation conditions.
The storm continues through Central America until Thursday. When a more
detailed report is available from Region 2 I will post it to the website.
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